Medication Preparation


The secure way for pharmaceutical treatment

Uni-coding of medicines with a generalised GS1-matrix offers a 100% secure and covered preparation,
distribution and administration of pharmaceutical treatment within the healthcare centre.


With our Ethilog solution we offer a full range of products and services around the cardID® traceable unit-dose packaging


  • Transformation into unit-doses can be organised in the central
    hospital pharmacy or at external premises

  • Dispensing can be organised at the central pharmacy or at the
    ward level (or a combination of both). The cardID® and boxID also integrate easily in your existing infrastructure (carousel storage systems, computer controlled cabinets, ward trolleys, pillboxes, etc.)

  • The cardID® unit-dose ensures full traceability (also in low tech environments), enables bedside scanning and facilitates medication return management.

  • The modularity of the unit-dose solution allows for a gradual and fast implementation ensuring easy adoption by the care-workers and tangible results in the short-term.

Unit 1

Unit-dose packaging robot for dry oral forms. A compact and reliable unit-dose packager, transforms medication blisters into cardID® unit-doses.

  • Transfers traceability information to unit-dose (medication reference, medication name , lot number expiry date). Adds unique serial number and packaging date
  • Stores cardID® in handy boxID containers
  • Compact footprint
  • High production capacity
  • No changeover time
  • Secure ‘batch size one’ principle

Box ID

Unit-dose storage and transportation containers.

  • Structured assembly of cardID® unit-doses
  • Every BoxID is identified with a unique barcode or RFID tag and the BoxID can be personalized
  • Works on the FIFO principle
  • It is automatically filled by UnitOne packager
  • Last card in the BoxID is the Kanban card. The GS1 code on the Kanban card keeps all information on the contents of the BoxID which can be read by the FocusOne cabinet.
  • The BoxID can be inserted directly into the FocusOne Pick-to-Light dispensing cabinet
  • User friendly and efficient logistic management through E-Kanban
  • The unique form of the cardID® makes it possible to pick an ergonomic treatment


Ethilog: unitONE 1000 series

Ethilog: focusONE