Innovative Pharma Partner is your GMP certificated third-party unit dose repackager.

  • JCI and NICE are two certificates that will be the standard in hospital quality programs, both certificates demand a flawless traceability of medication.
  • The need for reliable machine-readable unit dose packaging in health systems continues to expand as hospitals adopt bar-code-dependent technology in the pharmacy and at the bedside.
  • Innovative Pharma Partner provides a convenient, safe and cost-effective alternative to pharmacy-based repackaging services.
  • We deliver in return boxes (BoxIDs) or in one-way outer packaging
  • Innovative Pharma partner uses the patented Ethilog technology
  • The unit dose medication is delivered on a ergonomic card with all necessary traceability information printed on the card - CardID
  • Every cardID is unique coded with a standardized GS1-code, readable by all hospital medication and pharmacy systems.

Innovative Pharma Partner is a Belgian certificated partner for unit-dose repackaging. We have the governmental approval not only to repack your medication, which can create a large logistical cost; but also to sell the unit-dose medication directly.

These two approvals make it possible that we can serve you with advantages:

  • No long lead-times
  • No long periods to cover
  • We deliver you in small quantities
  • A reaction time under 1 week
  • Small badges are possible