Peripheral Solutions


Semi-automatic distribution and dispensing using our proven ‘Dispense-to-Light’ technology

Benefit from proven industry experience:

  • Fast and error free dispensing
  • 2+ bin E-Kanban: Easy and fast replenishment and inventory management
  • Very high storage density on compact footprint 13,000 units/m2
  • Modular and fully configurable to your needs
  • Secured access control
  • Full traceability of operations
  • HL7 interoperability

Central, decentralised or hybrid setups are possible


The telecare solution, operates in combination with a multi-dose medication preparation solution for homecare.

Telecare graph, the Telecare device is connected with GPRS to the internet, no need for Wifi or Internet connection, if you have Mobile phone connection, the telecare device is operational and is in constant connection with de website portal.